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New Visitors

The following are members of the sacred intergalactic brotherhood. They shall be recognized when they make themselves known, by the raising of the right hand, and intoning the sacred chant:


"Neither Superbowl, nor stats, nor World Series, nor steroids, nor extra innings, nor post game analyses, nor talking heads, shall deter us from intoning the sacred chant: 'Eye-Bohm-Whanny-Sott' "

Dutch Uithoven        - “Grand Poohbah, Protector of The Universe, Emperor of the Sun, Prince of Wails,
Tester of Malt Beverages”
(just call me GP for short)


Gary Batchelder       - “Chief of Manhood Security”

Tim Gray                  - “Storm Trooper”

Miles Jones              - “Director of Self Abusement”

Mark Metzler            - “Epitome of Perfected Wonder”

Bob Patterson          - "Provost Marshall with Arms, 2" (a post Venus De Milo could never hold)

Rick Richolson          - “Lord High Executioner”

Robb Stewart       - “Il Promotore di Cornetta Internazionale Tascabile”

Jeff Stockham          - “Exalted Royal Holder of the High C’s”

Michael Vreeland      - “Very High Master of Inanity”