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The other day,  I went to meet an old friend at a local watering hole which shall remain nameless (Orlando Ale House).  We chose this establishment because it has a fairly good selection of adult malt beverages, which my friend, Bill, and I appreciate.


We were seated at a booth whilst waiting for our order to arrive, and I looked about the place, noticing it was LOADED with Flat panel TVs and older styled sets. I counted NINETEEN screens from where I was sitting - and I could only see HALF the joint from my vantage point.


So is it just me or is this excessive?  It’s hard to carry on a conversation under such settings.  But I guess that’s not what the corporate bar owners want. They want you to plug your brain into the electric SOMA and drink the day (and night) away. GP

We still need a snazzy logo for the  site - does anyone have the talent and time to donate one?


I was thinking along the lines of a he-man holding a TV with a football game on it and a slash across it with the planet Saturn in the background.

NEWSFLASH: Read the “For the Ladies” page for an update on honored ladies guest status.